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EZclip V1 - EZclip store

EZclip V1

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Product typeDigital download
Supported OSWindows 10, Mac OS 
Compatible withAdobe premiere CC
License typeSingle user license



Automatically add export data to all your clips in the timeline with just 1 click!


Add export data to only specific clips you selected in your timeline!


Remove any markers before OR after using EZclip to clean up your timeline!


Easily create and use your custom export presets in Adobe Premiere!

Tutorial Video

Check our tutorial and learn how to use EZclip in just 2:30 minutes!

EZclip uses markers as the "in/ out" points for each clip.
It's recommended that you don't have any markers in the timeline where you want to batch export clips.

Already have markers in your timeline? 
Simply duplicate the sequence with your clips in it (right-click on the sequence in your project folder).
You can now remove all the markers in the duplicated sequence without losing them in your main sequence.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
On the track to be the perfect extension for Premiere Pro

The extension functionality is very nice. Just click "add export data" and it will automatically put markers for ins and outs of all your segments and the next button exports each of them to a single file. However, the in and out markers are put on the exact same place, and when the clips are exported, the first frame of the next segment is included. This is frustrating and AFAIK it is going to be fixed on the next version. The thing is, WHEN is this next version coming out? As it is, the extension still gives me plenty of work. Keep up the good work!

works but need update

exporting multiple clips from a timeline works, but the clips are not named in the numeric order they follow one the other on the timeline, that's frustrating and should be updated ASAP

Didn't think I needed it until I did...

It definitely streamlines the process of exporting multiple clips from a single timeline. I think there is a rumor of adding custom naming of clip batches in the future. So, it's only getting better.

The only hiccup right now is (at least for me) when I open Premiere, the EZclip panel wants me to authenticate myself with the serial number each time. Since it's already in the system, it doesn't accept it. So I have to go through the song and dance of closing the panel and re-opening it. This usually works. It's just a minor bug that I'm sure will be worked out in the future.

It's definitely cleaned up the way I produce stock video, this is for sure!

Very helpful

Thank you guys!


I have long wanted this capability in Premiere and can't believe it's not built in. Thank God for EZ Clip.